Hi! I’m Katherine.

I’ve recruited for companies large and small, in wildly varying cultures and industries. Everything from banks and law firms to professional services providers, hospitals and clinics, global manufacturers, insurance companies, tech firms, education, logistics and transportation providers, ag companies, advertising agencies, and nonprofits. 

Here are a few:


I’ve worked in both agency and corporate recruiting. I learned a TON in agency, but I prefer corporate, where I get to know one company deeply. Instead of filling a job and moving on, I get to help build a culture.

Since 2020,  I’ve co-chaired my current company’s Talent Acquisition Diversity & Inclusion Council. I created a D&I recruiting toolkit for TA and a D&I hiring toolkit for our managers, conducted diversity search training sessions, and earned my Certified Diversity Recruiter credential (AIRS). While D&I is a whole-company, top-down business  initiative, Talent Acquisition is in a unique position to influence hiring in a positive way. I engage regularly with our Chief Diversity Officer and our Employee Resource Groups.

I’m also a proud Navy mom – both my kids are sailors and I’ve always been a big supporter of veteran hiring. In 2019, I left Minnesota and moved to the remote high desert of western New Mexico. I continue to recruit for TCF Bank, which was recently acquired by Huntington Bank.  I’m an avid reader and I love exploring new places and ideas.

How I work with clients:

I get asked most often (usually by people 10+ years into their career) is, “how do I capture my professional self on 2-3 pages?” and “how do I make my LinkedIn profile stand out?”

They’re overwhelmed, busy with their lives and careers.
It’s hard to know what to say when you only look for a job and interview every once in awhile. I bring clarity and ease to what can be a frustrating exercise: articulating your professional brand, your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Having seen thousands of resumes and recruited for many different companies, I have a unique perspective. I objectively work with people, usually senior-level, to distill the most-important parts of their experience and give clarity to what sometimes is a jumble.

I can help if:

  • You’re struggling with defining your value proposition, fine-tuning your resume, and/or updating your LinkedIn profile;
  • You want some 1:1 time to practice interviewing;
  • You have a startup business and want branding help;


  • If you want to give a junior team member/mentee a gift of mentoring for their professional brand;
  • Parents sometimes hire me to help their early-career kids.

I love using my recruiting experience to help people feel prepared.  It’s fun when they remember a forgotten accomplishment and regain confidence.

If you’re curious and want to talk first, use this link to book a free 15-minute call. Don’t be shy!

What people say about me:

​”…an incredible recruiter that truly cares about the passion behind the work and placement for the better good of the organization/person. A rare find– a gem!”

“I have known Katherine for over 10 years and she’s an insanely authentic and wonderful person (and extremely skilled at spotting talent). :)”