One long-ago California day, I interviewed for a technical writer gig. They asked, “have you considered IT recruiting?”¬† (I hadn’t). But I love technology and its people & I had sales experience.
The rest, as they say, is history.

My writing was first published in my North Dakota hometown newspaper when I was 17 ūüôā¬† Not a huge barrier to entry, but still.

By day, I work as an IT recruiter. After hours, I put my recruiting & writing experience to work, helping job seekers better-tell their stories.

I write lots of different (non-fiction) things like blog posts, sales copy, LinkedIn articles, press releases, marketing plans & newsletters. I’ve authored a couple of Indiegogo campaigns and I even wrote & published a book on Amazon.¬†

Right now, I’m beta-testing a Thinkific course called “Interview School”.¬† If you want in ($0 cost, in exchange for honest feedback & a testimonial), drop me a note at!


As part of your strategic job search, I’m great at¬†professional branding (ie. creating a clear and compelling resume + congruent LinkedIn profile).

If you’re in Minneapolis / St Paul, I can help get you connected via my network, too.

Professional story-telling: blogging / LinkedIn articles / cover letters / sales copy / proofreading / copy editing  and more.

Who do I work with?

  • ¬†People who are 10+ years into a career and want help with professional branding (resume + LinkedIn profile);

My services aren’t a fit if:

    • You need to find a new job RIGHT NOW;
    • You’re < 5 years into your career or you’re trying to make a really big career pivot;
    • You’re super cost-conscious. This isn’t the most-expensive service, but it’s not the cheapest, either;
  • You need last-minute, I-need-it-done-yesterday work of any kind.

Random bits:

    • I read a LOT, mostly nonfiction relating to energy, finding one’s right work, the science of deliberate creation / manifesting / Law of Attraction, and quantum mechanics.¬†I bring this to my ‘life lab’ & play with it.
  • What gets my heart thumping? Adventures of all kinds, travel, bookstores, flea markets, history and HORSES (which may not be something you’d hire me for…but if you want to, let’s talk!).

Helping you BE VISIBLE in an authentic and compelling way is my joy.

Got questions?
Want to see if we’re a fit?

Here’s a link to my calendar for a free 15-minute intro call (don’t be shy).

What people say about me:

‚Äč”…an incredible recruiter that truly cares about the passion behind the work and placement for the better good of the organization/person. A rare find– a gem!”

“I have known Katherine for over 10 years and she’s an insanely authentic and wonderful person (and extremely skilled at spotting talent). :)”