One long-ago California day, I interviewed for a technical writer gig. “Have you considered recruiting?” they asked.¬† I hadn’t. But I love technology and its people & I had sales experience.
The rest, as they say, is history.

My writing was first published in my tiny North Dakota hometown newspaper when I was 17 ūüôā¬† Not a huge barrier to entry, but still. These days, I write lots of different (non-fiction) things like LinkedIn posts, blogs, sales copy, Amazon product descriptions, newsletters; I’ve authored a couple of Indiegogo campaigns and I recently published an e-book on Amazon.

By day, I work as an IT recruiter. After hours, I weave my recruiting & writing together to help job seekers and small businesses better-tell their story.

What I do best:

  • As part of your strategic job search, I’m great at¬†professional branding (ie. creating a clear and compelling resume + congruent LinkedIn profile).
    I also help my clients get connected to their target companies OUTSIDE of the talent acquisition/recruiting pipeline.
  • Professional story-telling: blogging / LinkedIn posts / resume-revisions / cover letters /¬†sales copy / proofreading / copy editing / video editing and more.

Who do I work with?

  • ¬†People who are 10+ years into a career and want help with professional branding (resume + LinkedIn profile);
  • Small business owners (usually startups) who want to increase their company’s visibility with content marketing (blogging) and social media.

My services aren’t a fit if:

  • You need to find a new job right NOW;
  • You’re < 5 years into your career or you’re trying to make a really big career pivot;
  • You’re super cost-conscious. This isn’t the most-expensive service, but it’s not the cheapest, either;
  • You need last-minute, I-need-it-done-yesterday work of any kind.


                  Random bits:

  • I read a LOT, mostly nonfiction topics relating to energy, happiness (including finding one’s right work), the science of deliberate creation / manifesting / Law of Attraction, and quantum mechanics.¬†I bring this to my ‘life lab’ & play with it.
  • What gets my heart thumping? Spur-of-the-moment adventures, travel¬† and HORSES (which may not be something you’d hire me for…but if you want to, let’s talk!).


Helping you | your work BE VISIBLE in an authentic and compelling way is my joy.

Got questions?
Want to see if we’re a fit?

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