You’re ready to start a job search. Or you’re gunning for a promotion. Maybe you’re branching out as a speaker or writer in your field of expertise.

You know your digital presence (resume + LinkedIn profile) needs some brushing up, but you’re busy and overwhelmed.

Unless you’re a consultant who job hunts regularly, you probably haven’t spent much time talking about yourself and your work. Even today, people get uncomfortable with what they consider ‘bragging’. Plus, with all that accomplishment, where do you even start?

As a career recruiter, I discovered that the most common problem for mid-career (10+ years) tech leaders is, “how do I fit all this experience into a few pages?”

They’re struggling amidst a sea of data. Many haven’t been on the job market for years and worry about making a misstep. They’re not sure how to put their best (digital) foot forward.

Is this you? This is where my Professional Branding Package comes in.

I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles. I have extensive experience with interview prepping and debriefing, offer preparation and negotiation, and all the associated communications. I’ve spent plenty of time working with other recruiters, hiring managers, leadership teams and HR. I know how to help you capture the important stuff.

Having my expertise in your corner is kind of like having an IRS agent prepare your tax return.

A word: do this BEFORE you actually need it. I only work with a few clients at a time, so space is limited.

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I love helping tech leaders put their best digital foot forward, whether it’s for a job search or a promotion (or even for general credibility).
Leveraging my recruiting experience, I share successes, tips and helpful information.



Let’s face it: very few people like updating a resume (let alone their LinkedIn profile). It’s a thankless task.

In response to clients’ requests over the years, I created my signature Professional Branding Package.

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About Me

I’m a career recruiter who now focuses on entrepreneurship and helping tech leaders refine and curate their digital presence.

When I’m not at my desk, I’m hiking, riding my horses, or figuring out how to fix things.



How long does it take to complete a professional branding package? 
It all depends on our mutual schedules (we can generally get started within a few days). Since most of us have day jobs, our work together will typically be evenings and/or weekends. 

Total time investment is usually ~4 hours of your time (and more of mine, behind the scenes). Note: if you’re racing to find a new job, this is not the right solution.

How much does it cost? The Professional Branding Package costs $899 at this time.

How does this work? 
You’ll use the button to purchase your Professional Branding Package. That will take you to my Calendly booking page, where you’ll pay for your package and choose a date & time for our first session. After you book and pick your date, I’ll email an Initial Session Worksheet, which needs to be completed before we meet. Finally, you’ll get a calendar invitation with a Zoom link. That’s it!

After your initial session (~30 minutes), we’ll have 2-3 additional sessions using  Zoom to screen-share (45-60 minutes each). In these, we’ll review changes / edit / revise / curate your resume together. I’ll suggest resume formats. Once we finish your new resume, we’ll move on to your LinkedIn profile.

What if I don’t like it?
We’ll keep tweaking it until you’re satisfied.  Not endlessly, but I want you to be happy with your new professional brand! Keep in mind that professional brands, like their owners, are alive and ever-evolving. 

How can I help?  
Great question! See a resume you like or a great LinkedIn profile? Take a screenshot or copy/save the link! Many of my clients find themselves remembering accomplishments, noticing great profiles, and word tracks as soon as we start working together. This is the fun part ~ let’s incorporate them!

Who are your customers?
They’re mid-career (10+ years in) tech leaders who haven’t got the time (or objectivity) to effectively curate their experience digitally.

What’s your background? Why should I trust you?
With 15+ years of experience in the technology recruiting / talent acquisition trenches, I’ve talked to countless job seekers, hiring managers, HR professionals and leaders. Having reviewed tens of thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles, I know what stands out, how best to frame experience, and I work with you in a consultative way. If you’re looking for a resume-writer or a “done for you” service, you won’t find it here.

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